Mets Loaded Up With Dead Weight

It’s been said over and over.  The Mets are struggling this season, and a major factor in that is that the team is essentially playing with a 22 man roster.  Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, and Jeff Francoeur do not belong on Major League teams.  Already, Francoeur and Castillo have expressed their willingness to be traded, stating that they believe they are everyday players.

Well guess what, Jeff and Luis? You’re not.

Perez, Castillo, and Francoeur have been wastes of roster space this season

Luis: In case you haven’t noticed, the Mets have been trying to trade you for over a year now.  Also, you said in your quotes “I can’t be here anymore…I know I’m not going to be here next year.”  Well Luis, no Met fan has wanted you here since you dropped the pop up in the Yankee game.  You had a statistically decent year last year when it meant nothing, and you’ve been nothing but injury prone and ineffective otherwise.  Mets fans have wanted you gone for Orlando Hudson each of the last two offseasons, and if you want out, then grant the Mets freedom from your contract, just leave.

Jeff: Did you notice that Joe Posnanski wrote an entire article about the worst everyday players in MLB?  And shockingly to no one except yourself and your agent, you made his list.  Let’s see what Posnanski had to say:

Jeff Francoeur is simply not a good enough hitter to play every day in the big leagues. Nobody is happy about this. Francoeur is by all accounts a terrific guy, he plays hard, he cares a lot, he has some defensive value. But, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot make the adjustments. His .295 on-base percentage this year is not good enough to be an every day outfielder. Everybody who knows Frankie loves the guy, which is why he leads all of baseball in “Adjustment Could Pay Off This Time” stories. But after a rookie rush that landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated, he has now had more than 4,000 plate appearances with a .307 on-base base percentage.

And dare I even address Oliver?  I’m not sure what I can even say.  Ollie…you’ve been worth NEGATIVE money this year.  You are worse than a replacement player.  And that’s not talking about an R.A. Dickey type replacement player, I’m saying that you are probably worse than half my buddies who play pickup softball.  Yet, you refuse a minor league assignment, because you don’t think it’d benefit you.  You think you need to figure it out in the majors.  Well, all you’re doing is costing the organization that made you rich any chance at the playoffs.  Even your teammates don’t want you sticking around.

These three players have been nothing but albatrosses around the neck of the Mets organization.  The Mets cannot win with a 22 man roster, no team can.  And until the Wilpons open their eyes, realize that the money for these players is already out the door, and cut ties with them ASAP, it won’t matter who the manager is, their hands will be tied.

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