Last Chance

The Mets head on a road trip today that will last 7 games against the only two NL teams with worse offenses than the Mets themselves.  Facing Houston for 4 games and Pittsburgh for 3 gives the Mets a slight chance of crawling back in the direction of the wild card race, perhaps.  After the road trip, the Mets then play 6 games again the Marlins and Astros.  With 13 straight games against teams worse than they are, the Mets have an opportunity.

The Mets turn Jon Niese tonight knowing that the more they waste these opportunities (see: Arizona series, road trip vs Atlanta and Philly, etc), the less likely it is that they can match the talk coming from the front office and the players that “it’s not over”.

Once again, the Mets have a chance to right themselves.  The offense needs to come alive, starting with David Wright and Carlos Beltran.  Neither have been the offensive stars they can be since the All-Star Break, and neither has been particularly effective recently.  Ike Davis has struggled, and the offense as a whole needs a spark.  The pitching has been outstanding, and that needs to continue.  But, unless both the hitter, and pitching come alive (and the fielding improves), there’s no way the Mets can claim to be alive, let alone a serious contender.

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