Good News, Bad News

Last night was a solid win for these Mets.  They won a game in extra innings.  Albeit against a terrible team, but they won…and in doing so, they put themselves in line for what COULD be their first road series win against an NL team all season.  Yes, that’s right, they haven’t won a road series within their own league all year.  In fact, the only road series’ they have won were against the Orioles and Indians….remember those?  Exactly.

R.A. Dickey pitched damn well again.  It has begun to get difficult to come up with new Dickey jokes, you know, the ones that make a pun out of the fact that R.A.’s last name is a slang term for male genitalia…

Well, last night Dickey gave it all he had, went deep, and satisfied his fans.

The bad news from last night is on the injury (illness?) front.  David Wright was removed from the game in the 12th inning…and while keeping tabs on the game from my cell phone, I personally got scared it would be far worse.  With no lineup related reason to remove Wright, and no double switch, I expected him to have torn his knee, the cherry on top of the past 2 seasons.  But all reports now indicate that he as light headed and nauseous, perhaps just a simple flu.  The flu would make sense, as apparently Josh Thole had similar symptoms.

Hopefully Wright doesn’t miss much time, and hopefully the Mets can win this series tonight, and hopefully they can turn it around.  The only one of those things that I’d bank on is DW coming back sooner than later though.

More good news came in the form of another R.A…..

Robert Allen Parnell, that is.  Bobby came in last night and pitched 2 scoreless innings, striking out 3, and lighting up the radar gun from all reports.  He seems to have hit 100+ a couple times during the outing, and the way he’s pitching, he should be the Mets closer for as long as K-Rod is gone.

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