Offering A Near Ultimatum

Yesterday, an article was posted on ESPN New York that I urge all Mets fans not to read, for their own sanity.

In  this article, much maligned pitcher Oliver Perez states his desire to return to the Mets for next season.  He also adds “I’d like to have a championship, and I know the fans want to have one too”.  Well, Ollie, do you know what the fans REALLY want?  They want you gone.  And with good reason.

You’ve pitched just 43 innings all season, none of them particularly exciting for anyone.  You’ve been hurt, you’ve lost your velocity, and you never had command.  You’ve been miserable in absolutely every aspect of the sport of baseball, and your contract is an albatross around the neck of our favorite team.  So, as much as you can be politically correct and state your desire to stay here and win here, don’t fault us as fans for wanting you gone.

Personally, I can’t imagine any way that Omar Minaya or whoever the GM is over the offseason doing everything in their power and more to rid the organization of this selfish man who wouldn’t accept a minor league assignment despite warning that he was near unusable in the majors.  He’s forced the Mets to play for nearly 2 months with a 24 man roster, and when he has pitched, he hasn’t been good.

If Oliver Perez thinks he can still be a good starting pitcher at the major league level…well, he’s wrong.  Oliver Perez is, I’m sure, a decent human being who tries to be the best he can be.  But right now, he’s being selfish, and he’s not performing.  He needs to go.

If the Mets bring back Ollie for 2011, it’s a sign of one of three things.  Either they couldn’t find any team willing to take him for ANYTHING, regardless of what else the Mets need to throw in, they are truly run by complete morons, or they are money hungry men who don’t care about success or fans’ happiness just their bottom line.

Well guess what Wilpons, Mets fans will NOT keep coming to the stadium if you keep metaphorically kicking us in the family jewels.  Mets fans aren’t stupid.  You have the offseason to rid our stadium and our organization of the trash that is Ollie, Luis Castillo, and Jeff Francoeur.  Yeah, read that back, I said OUR stadium and OUR organization.  You may run it, but we are your constituents, and if you don’t work for us…we’ll find a way to get rid of you and get someone who will.

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