As Season’s End Draws Near

As we’ve now entered the final month of the Major League Baseball season (at least for our New York Mets), it’s clear that the Mets will not be playing into October.  Most Met fans have gotten past that delusion, and are looking to see what company line the front office will be giving us for 2011.

Well, before we get there, I think the most depressing thing that I’ve heard coming from the Mets clubhouse this season is that allegedly, some of the Mets players expressed a desire to be going with Jeff Francoeur to the Texas Rangers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand why players would want off of the Mets, or more specifically to go to the Rangers, who are almost a playoff lock.  The issue I have with it is if these desires are being flat out stated, especially if it’s in the clubhouse.

Guess what guys, if you want to go to the playoffs….there are some things you can do.  Guys like Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran; I know you both dealt with injuries, but neither of you came within lightyears of reaching your expectations.  Both of you need to stay healthy, perform up to your ability, and in the case of Beltran, sacrifice for the team, Beltran should be playing rightfield with Angel Pagan manning centerfield.

If  you’re guys like Luis Castillo or Oliver Perez, you haven’t performed.  The fans don’t want you here.  We’ve been publicly trying to trade you.  Stop running your mouths about how unfair you feel the team is treating you.  If you really want out, then void your contract and get money somewhere else.

Every other player who may have voiced a desire to play somewhere else? Here’s what you can do: PLAY BETTER!

Teams that play well win.  It’s not always the team with the most talent, the team that spends the most money, or the team with the most history.  The teams that play best win.  Period.  This year, and over the past 5 years, the Mets have not played the best.  If there are players that want to make the playoffs, well, then they need only look around the clubhouse to see which of these players have underperformed or let the team down.  The players (and the roster creation) are the reason this team isn’t a playoff team, simple as that.

So please, Oliver, Luis, Carlos, and anyone else who may be clamoring  that they wish to be playing somewhere where the playoffs are within reach…blame yourselves.  Every player on this team has SOMETHING to blame themselves for.  No player has been anywhere NEAR perfect this season.  So please, don’t tell the media or each other that you want to go somewhere where you can make the playoffs.  Instead, look at yourself, and tell us Mets fans the following:

“I want to play somewhere that I can win…and I want CITI FIELD to be that place!”

Let's make Citi Field a House of Champions

Let’s Go Mets

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