Origins of Mets Fanhood

I’d like to think that my being a Mets fanatic was somewhat preordained.  When I was born, my dad was watching a Mets game (vs. the Expos) which they actually won.  In the 10 or so years that I’ve considered myself a fan, I’ve been to over 150 games at Shea Stadium and Citi Field, and have watched the vast majority of others on TV (including watching most of the 2006 playoffs while on a family vacation to Puerto Rico).

One would think that having spent such large portions of my life following a team that loves to torment its fans would have worn on me by now, but I find that my fanhood only grows stronger each year.  Each failure makes me root harder in hopes that this will be the year they validate all the years of failure.

The shortcomings and chokes have been as harsh as most teams put their fans through in a lifetime.  They cut through me like a knife.  But in spite of all of it, I’ve learned…


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