I Was There When…

I’m sure in the week or so that this page has been blank, many of you have wondered what this is for.  Well, the goal for this page is for me (and also any reader) to create a collection of firsthand accounts of Mets memories.

Whether you have vivid memories of Endy Chavez’ catch, The 10 Run Inning vs the Braves, the Grand Slam Single, or Beltran Taking Strike 3, this is where those memories will be collected.  Whether you remember the reaction in your living room, or at Shea(or Citi), whether moments of pure happiness or unadulterated misery, here is the page where all Mets memories will gather.

I think that these memories, written by more than just myself, will serve multiple purposes.  First, it will provide nostalgia.  We can look back at any time and remember the good times (or the bad times), and remember exactly how it made us feel, and remember that as Mets fans, we’re all connected by the team’s success and failure.

I invite anyone and everyone to post a comment, e-mail me, or message me their stories, and I will post my own every so often.  As the cliche goes, “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”  Well, let’s not forget our Mets past, in hopes of a brighter Mets future!

Click here to read the latest “I Was There When…” moments!

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